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Modern facilities are maintained for the following in-house processing. Combined with experienced assembly personnel and local painting facilities, manufacturing to military and commercial standards is fully complimented with supplemental processes.


Long term relation with certified vendors also provide the finest quality in heat treating, cad plating, anodizing, conversion coatings, tiodize and various special finishes. Complex parts and assemblies are fully manufactured and finished to exact customer requirements.

Chemical Film Coating
Powder Coating
Brush Cad Plating

Rockwell Hardness
Penetrant Inspection
Mag Particle Inspection

Chemical Film Coating   
 4182 (Alodine)

Coating which increases the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy surfaces. Also improves adhesion of organic finish systems.

BPS 4583 (Citric Acid Method)

Chemical process used to enhance corrosion resistant properties.  Process also removes contaminants and restores passivity.

Powder Coating   
Leonardo Helicopters 
STD 609A5120Z001

Epoxy powder coating for use as a protective coating against corrosion.

Also as an electrical barrier when specified.

Brush Cad Plating   
  BPS 4312

Process used to repair or touchup steel parts where existing plating has been removed or damaged.

Thermal Fitting   

Assembling thermal fitted units using heating and/or cooling.

 BPS 4162

Retention of bearings used in housings, sleeves, bushings etc.

Rockwell Hardness Testing   
 BPS 4467

Used to determine hardness acceptance criteria for various alloys.

Penetrant Inspection   BPS 4089

Non-destructive inspection used for detecting discontinuities which are open to the surface.  For example: cracks, tears, seams, etc.

Magnetic Particle Inspection   BPS 4075

Non-destructive inspection used on ferromagnetic materials. This is done by using a fluidized solution which contains a magnetic powder that fluoresces under black light.

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