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Halftone Rocket

Facilities and capabilities to drill, tap, mill, turn, grind, bore and assemble various types of machined parts are routine at Dye Manufacturing. Translation and incorporation of customer needs, including 3D Models in planning, manufacturing and inspection have enhanced and improved the quality capabilities of the organization to produce and inspect the most complex configurations to exact customer requirements.


Parts requiring heat treating, painting, plating, coating, bonding and assembly to military and commercial specifications are common requirements. In-house processes such as powder coating, chemical film processing, passivation and thermal fitting supplement the most demanding machining needs of our customers. Inspectors certified in fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection are competent in precise quality planning and inspection.  Certified inspection equipment, climate-controlled facilities and expertise in CMM inspection serve satisfied customers with precision-controlled manufacturing.

Experienced staff in both

CAD and CAM softwares. 

Our skillful team operates a comprehensive range of

machining equipment.

In-house processing along

with certified vendors

provide the finest quality

in various special finishes. 

We use precision electronic and CMM inspection to provide 

state of art quality products.

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