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Precision Machining

Dye Manufacturing has maintained a strong customer base for more than a century with high quality, on-time deliveries. Multiple machine tools allow in-house capabilities in precision turning, milling, grinding, profiling and complex CNC operations. With timesaving procedures using dedicated tooling, pallet shuttles and precision in-house fixtures, setup time and cycle times are carefully controlled for maximum efficiency and quality.


Utilizing extensive experience in precision machining of aluminum, steel alloys, stainless, titanium and other metals, Dye Manufacturing has specialized in machining critical castings and forgings for military and aerospace use.


Serving as a certified machining source for the aircraft and aerospace industries has provided extensive insight into critical customer requirements and needs.  Fully experienced in MS and AS/ISO standards, Dye personnel take pride in machining precision aircraft components as well as rugged commercial parts.


With multi-part setups, pallet shuttles, 3, 4 and 5 axis multi-pallet machines and experienced employees, Dye Manufacturing offers unique and precision capabilities to the manufacturing market.

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